Meeting Rooms

Three different rooms available with flexible setup

Mucklagh Community Centre has three spacious meeting rooms, ideal for classes, meetings, social events and more. Each room can be fitted out with tables and chairs as needed. 

Meeting Room A measures at 15.3 x 27.6 feet (4.6 x 8.4 meters) and has direct access to the kitchen. This room is fitted with a large screen and whiteboard. The windows are frosted, ensuring privacy for classes, meetings, exercise sessions or gatherings. 

Meeting Room B measures at 18.6 x 26.5 feet (5.5 x 8 meters) and is fitted with a large whiteboard. 

Meeting Room C measures at 19 x 37 feet (5.8 x 11.2 meters), and also contains a large whiteboard. 

Meeting Rooms B & C are situated upstairs with wonderful views of the Mucklagh area and are accessible by stairs and lift. These rooms can be opened up to create one large room, ideal for gatherings, classes, meetings, or information sessions. 


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